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We can't eliminate uncertainty. But we can help you have the power to choose how to handle it from a position of strength. Whether you choose life, disability, or long term care insurance, the security and strength of our policies will help you face tomorrow with confidence. Our comprehensive approach and sophisticated planning abilities have enabled us to attract and retain premier clients in South Florida and beyond. We take pride in offering a range of financial products that enable us to implement our client's plans with equal quality.

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Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Executive & Key Person Benefits, Mutual Funds, Stocks & Bonds, Company Retirement Plans, 401(k) Plans, Individual & Group Medical Benefits, Individual Retirement Accounts, Annuities, Long Term Care Insurance and 529 College Saving Plans.

Life Insurance

Protection for tomorrow. Benefits for Today.
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Universal and Variable Universal Life Insurance
  • Term Insurance

Whole life is a versatile financial instrument devised for the protection of families, businesses, and the creation and enhancement of wealth. To appreciate the great value of this type of life insurance protection, one needs to explore how it works, its uses, its benefits, and the options you have in structuring a contract to meet your specific needs.

The protection and wealth-enhancing benefits of whole life insurance make it the most comprehensive financial tool available today. Its great value is enhanced by its flexibility, which enables it to be customized for a variety of consumer needs. Premium flexibility is provided by existing paid-up additions and dividend options. The loan feature and the ability to withdraw dividends provide readily available liquid assets. Together, the guaranteed cash value, guaranteed death benefit, and guaranteed premium provide policy owners with a solid foundation for financial protection and the ability to build wealth in a turbulent and uncertain world.

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Disability Insurance

Safeguard your income if you're unable to work due to illness or injury.
  • Individual Disability Products
  • Small Business Protection Products
  • Supplemental Disability Income Protection
The statistics are alarming. Nearly one in four Americans will become disabled before they retire1. It’s enough to have you looking twice for discarded banana peels and open manhole covers before you walk down the sidewalk. But it wouldn’t do you much good. The reality is accidents don’t cause most disabilities. Instead, back injuries, cancer, heart disease and other illnesses are usually to blame. And that’s precisely why disability insurance should be a core component of your financial life.

Health Plans

We’re removing every obstacle between you and Insurance Independence.
Health Plans

We’ll help you discover your options

  • Platinum plans will cover 90% of a person’s HEALTH CARE COSTS.
  • Gold plans will cover 80% of a person’s HEALTH CARE COSTS.
  • Silver plans will cover 70% of a person’s health care costs.
  • Bronze plans will cover 60% of a person’s HEALTH CARE COST
  • Catastrophic plans will be available to only individuals under the age of 30 or those who are exempt from purchasing coverage. The out of pocket limits of $6350 individual and $12,700 family will apply. No cost sharing is required.
Let us help you through the process.

Let us help you through the process.

Here’s what you get for no additional cost by using our services:
  • We’ll explain the different plans on and off the exchange.
  • Qualify you for the necessary tax credits subsidy.
  • Complete the application with the carrier or at the website.
  • Most importantly we’ll make sure you are getting the most value for your dollar.
So don’t waste your time with a government call center!

So don’t waste your time with a government call center!

You tell us what you need:
  • I want to find a new plan that meets my needs and budget.
  • I like my current plan and want to find something similar.
  • I want to see if I qualify for government subsidies.
  • I want to find out whether it makes sense to join my spouse's plan.
  • I just want to see all my available options.
We tell you if you’ve got money coming. We give you options, help you choose & enroll.

Making Life Insurance Easy!

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