What can you do with our Help Desk?

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What can you do with our Help Desk?


We automatically turn emails into customer cases, each with an assigned owner, a time-stamp and a status. This allows HR to see the progress and receive a confirmed resolve to close that case. Net result: faster, consistent customer support.


Every phone call turns into a customer case. We can easily search our customer history to see what plan they have, employer contributions, etc. Seeing everything at a glance keeps our support in control and organized.


We are adding live chat to our website so our customers can engage directly with our support agents. HR can have instant connection to ask and receive quick responses.

Service, done your way!

What does your service team do?

We create and service Employee Navigator portal:

Transmit your employee's new hire, termination or mid-year enrollment changes to the applicable insurance companies on a monthly basis (so you don't have to).

Configure your company benefit information including costs, plan rules, benefit amounts and document resources for enrollment at employee new hire or open enrollment. Transmit enrollment changes for employees to UHC and Guardian.

Resource for the Human Resources Department or any other administrative user.  We can help instruct on how to make changes for employee's demographic, enrollment or class data.

What does Employee Navigator do?

On-line Enrollment. during new hire or open enrollment, employees can choose their benefits from their desktops or mobile phones.

Reporting. Run robust reports using the Ad-Hoc feature to customize the report you're looking or.

New hire onboarding. Take the stack of papers you preset to your new hires and have them walk through them online!

PTO Tracking. Allow your employees to request paid time off online! Their request is sent to the appropriate manager for approval and they have 24/7 access to PTO policy rules and their hour balance.

When to call/email your service team?

  • If you are having issues logging into the Employee Navigator
  • An employee is incurring an error while registering their account or completing enrollment.
  • You have an employee with a qualifying event or status change and you are unsure how to process in Employee Navigator.
  • An employee advises themselves or their dependents were denied coverage at a provider, but they are enrolled in a plan on Employee Navigator.
  • Your invoice from the insurance carrier does not show a new hire and still has terminated employee on it.

Case Management

We are able to route cases to the right agents and keep them all organized with intelligent tools that automatically collect and organize customer interactions from every channel and help you close cases in record time.
Insurance Case management

Case Situation

You have an employee that received a bill after a procedure, they can follow one of this scenarios:
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
your dedicated Benefit Counselor will contact the employee to arrange a convenient time to explain the value of the benefits you offer and enroll them.
Insurance Escalation and Collaboration

Escalation and Collaboration

We Insure Everything can add notes to cases to communicate with our team. Escalate high priority cases to managers, or send carrier specific issues to the correct vendor reps so customers get the best answers.
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