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While AgentPro! helps you Capture, Engage and Convert more business in your wheelhouse, it also captures leads that you rather refer away. But now you can earn good money referring business in a trusted alliance. If you sell Homeowners, sell us your individual health prospects. If you sell life insurance, sell us your auto prospects.

Whether it’s not your target market, ancillary products, or requires well-versed seasoned vets that have the proper tools to execute, AgentPro! can provide the confidence you’re looking for when it comes to handling your friends and family.

And we Pay You!

*If you sell auto, your clients also buy health insurance also. Why not solidify that relationship by bringing the experts to the table to help them. That’s another $5,000 to $10,000 every Open Enrollment just by helping your clients that want you to direct them.

AgentPro! provides an integrated platform to sell the leads you don’t have an appetite for.
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This is Everything You Get Today with AgentPro!
  1. The Smart NFC e-Business Card!
  2. The Mobile App!
  3. The Customized QR Code!

…AND the integrated platform to sell us Insurance Leads you don’t want!

Let me show how to make an extra $30,000 this year selling us your leads!

All for just $34.99 per month & $39.99 for the smart NFC e-Business Card!

But that’s NOT what You’re gonna pay! As a student getting your insurance license, we want to help you from the start and for years to come. So we are offering you the lowest price ever!

One-Time payment of just $39.99 and you get it all!

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Case Study I

John is a Property & Casualty agent putting his clients in “Good Hands” selling Auto insurance with a client base of 50 – 60 renewals monthly. This past Open Enrollment period John sent all his clients his AgentPro! app by text with a short note of: If you would like me to introduce you to a trusted alliance for individual health insurance, simply click on the Health Insurance product tab for a free quote and expert guidance.

John ended up referring 113 clients and received “Thank You’s” from his clients further solidifying him as their Go-To Guy, and $11,300 in referral fees.

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Expanding Your Business

John also referred business he was licensed for but not “well-versed” in. AgentPro! connected him to the experts at We Insure Everything. They Closed the business with John; splitting the commission & the AOR. And John is learning the tools needed to sell Group Health insurance!

Case Study II

Meagan is a young insurance agent specializing in Individual Health Insurance with the Marketplace. She sent her AgentPro! app to a relative that has a CPA practice with 22 employees over dinner. We Insure Everything partnered with Meagan to convert the account, including constructing a “Timeline for Success”* for the client, quoting, presenting, creating materials as well as an online enrollment portal (at no cost to the client), and even a group presentation.

Meagan expanded her product offering, shared the AOR (meaning residual business for next year) and commissions ($4,752), and made such a great impression that her Uncle Joe used the AgentPro! app to get quotes for the Gen Liability coverage as well his personal cars.

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For a Limited Time Only: We are waiving the Set-Up Fee!

That’s a $100 Value!

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